New York's floating dance party

A private dance party

… through public spaces.

What The Float takes you on a dance odyssey through the spaces and places of New York. Just for this one night, just for you, our DJs have spun up brand new mixes that span decades and genres. We’ll put your body in motion as you redefine your relationship with the city’s most famous spots and unexplored nooks and crannies.

A silent mobile disco

(with the groove loud in your heart)

Every member of our tour will hear the music loud in headphones as we reclaim the streets of New York in the name of dancing and appear utterly silent to any civilians we encounter. The anonymity of the crowd allows you to express yourself publicly in ways you never dreamed. Share the euphoric and highly contagious public joy with friends old and new.

Groove to original dance tracks

A dance party among unsuspecting pedestrians

Never floated?

Let’s get down on the floor.

Forty-eight hours before go time, we email you the secret starting point and three never-before-heard DJ mixes. Download them to your phone or mp3 player, but don’t listen yet or you will ruin the first-time virginal experience. If you do not have an mp3 player or smartphone, let us know when you book, and we’ll get you a loaner.

You’re gonna dance…

and it’s gonna be new!

What The Float is the last Saturday of every month. The music and location are all new each time. Show up at our as-yet-unrevealed starting location as early as 8:00pm for drink specials and to be outfitted with enough glow wear to light up the Empire State Building. At 10:00pm we’ll step outside and begin our synchronous dance odyssey.

Make friends dancing!

What the Float

New York City’s only floating dance party

$10-$20 per person.

Approximately two miles.

Approximately three hours.

As hard as you wanna dance.