Capture the Flag

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Capture the Flag

You’ve never played

… till you’ve played with us.

Capture the Flag takes on a whole new life as Patchquilt brings it to the streets of New York. Stealth and speed will aid you as you take captives, guard your flags, free your friends from peril, and battle to become Capture the Flag champions. The epic game takes on a new twist with multiple flags and territories made up of the actual parks and streets of New York’s Roosevelt Island.

What is this?

(for Capture the Flag newbies)

It’s a high paced, athletic game that’s insanely fun. Teams will be given an area of land where they will hide their team’s flags. Some of their teammates will stay in their territory to defend the flags while others will go out into other territories to try to capture other flags. They’ll need to be careful though. If you’re tagged on another team’s territory, you’ll go to jail. A team wins the game by capturing the most flags and bringing them back to their own territory.


Roosevelt Island

Where is it?

(and what else should I know)

We’re turning Roosevelt Island, a narrow island situated in New York’s East River into a giant urban playground. You can take in the scenery and travel by tram or hop on the subway, it’s just one stop from midtown. When you sign up for Capture the Flag, you’ll get to choose a team color. On the day of the event be sure to dress proudly in your team’s color. Capture the Flag is just for players over the age of eighteen. It’s an athletic event and intended for individuals in good physical health.

Capture the Flag

Roosevelt Island Edition

$30.00 per person.

Streets and Grassy Areas

Approximately three hours.

Fast and athletic. For physically fit individuals.