Mesopotamian Art

Centuries of alcohol

. . . without a hangover.

Drunken Art History takes you through New York’s world class Metropolitan Museum of Art in a whole new way. Since the dawn of modern civilization, beer and wine have changed the way humans live out our days. More than just an addition to your Friday night, alcohol has inspired art, started wars, and influenced migratory patterns in ancient times. Join our award winning tour staff as they distill the history of libations from famous art.


…the drink of the people.

Tour the ancient worlds of Mesopotamia and Egypt where you’ll discover vessels, hieroglyphs, ceremonial art, and traditions of the what was arguably the world’s first alcoholic love. Learn of it’s accidental discovery and the major role in played in shaping early civilizations, cities, and building economies.

Brewing in Egypt

A Greek Celebration


… a rare treat since forever.

The climate of ancient Greece gave their people a monopoly on this beloved beverage and contributed to the highbrow conotation it retains in present day society. Discover artistic antiquities which pay homage to the drink that made the Greeks wealthy. Learn about their Gods, their customs, and the theives who stole ancient art from a country that owes quite a lot to wine.

Always something new!

See fantastic special collections.

Our guides are intimately familar with The Met and we regularly make changes to the tour so we can share the museum’s truly spectacular temporary exhibits with you. You may find yourself traveling to China’s Bronze Age, Medieval Europe, or the American Prohibition.

Chinese Bronze Age

Drunken Art History

Art and alcohol, shaken not stirred.

$49.99 per person (plus museum admission)


Approximately two hours.

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