Tour FAQ

  • What should I wear for the tour? Weather appropriate clothing (for outdoor tours) with a good pair of comfortable walking shoes. We do lots of walking over varied terrain and we move fairly quickly at times.
  • Should I bring anything? An umbrella wouldn’t hurt if your tour is outdoors. Weather can change very quickly and while it may appear sunny, it could be raining by the end of your tour.
  • Do I need to have a voucher or printout with me? It depends on how you booked the tour. If you book through our website, you will not need a voucher. The tour guide will know to expect you. Some of our ticket partners require us to collect vouchers and some do not.
  • Are your tours handicap accessible? No. Central Park was built in 1858 long before handicap accessibility. There are several steps, some unpaved paths and hills. Unfortunately it is not possible to take the tour in a wheelchair. Windows of the Wealthy goes into a building without handicap access and includes lots of sidewalks and streets. However, if someone was adept at traveling on city streets, most of Windows of the Wealthy could be seen from a wheelchair. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is massive and the tour contains steps.
  • Are children allowed on the tour? Children are allowed on the tour but parents will be responsible for ensuring that their child is well behaved. Crying, whining, rough-housing, and rowdiness will not be permitted. A refund will not be issued.
  • Is there a lot of walking involved? Yes. We pride ourselves on providing you with content-rich experiences. Tours average 3.5 miles. There will be lots of walking and we will move at a brisk pace. Do not book the tour if you think you will be unable to keep up.
World Trade Center

World Trade Center